Body Shop IT: Understand why not to use this term

Discover IT Outsourcing, a service commonly known as Body Shop IT, and the controversy behind its meaning.

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With the evolution of technology and the possibility to flexibilize work arrangements, various options emerge when searching for qualified professionals in the IT field. Currently, there are several ways to hire these services, and one of them is "Body Shop IT."

In this article, we will explain why the popular expression is not suitable to define this service model, what this form of work consists of, and its benefits.

Why not use the term Body Shop?

Actually, "body shop" is an expression used in English-speaking countries such as the United States and Australia to refer to auto body repair shops specializing in car maintenance.

Its translation to Portuguese is literally "loja de corpo," which can be seen as a derogatory term.

The most appropriate term is "IT Outsourcing." This is because the word "outsourcing" can be translated as "terceirização" in Portuguese, which accurately describes the talent hiring process.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is a model of outsourcing IT professionals.

In this hiring format, the interested company hires IT professionals from a technology company that possesses specific knowledge according to their needs. These professionals work within the hiring company's internal team, offering products and services.

An important characteristic is that these workers are entirely managed by the company that hires them. With a predetermined service time, they provide an alternative for more specific services and projects.

Therefore, there is no employment relationship between these professionals and the hiring company. All aspects of payment, recruitment, and training are the responsibility of the company offering IT Outsourcing.

It is the responsibility of the hiring company to manage the projects and services the professional will develop, requiring close monitoring of the work, as if they were internal collaborators.

This model has become popular as it allows companies to access quality professionals and specialized labor at lower costs.

What are the benefits of hiring IT Outsourcing services?

No labor costs

This service model is attractive because the company does not establish an employment relationship with the professional, resulting in fewer expenses for the business. Therefore, there is no concern with bureaucratic hiring issues, such as taxes and other conventional labor costs.

Specialized professionals according to your needs

Another advantage is having access to highly qualified professionals. The hired company already has workers with specific focus on what needs to be developed, eliminating the need for searching.

Furthermore, these professionals do not necessarily have to be from your region, city, or even country. The field of information technology allows for remote work.

On-demand use and aligned deadlines

This model offers contracts with specific time frames. With temporary relationships, IT Outsourcing allows companies to use the professionals' services for specific matters, allocating a predetermined pool of hours for the necessary work.

Additionally, the contract deadlines and project deliveries are usually well-defined. This is ideal for smaller projects, following an appropriate roadmap and aligned delivery planning.

Direct management and oversight

IT professionals must report directly to the hiring company's team or manager. This allows for close monitoring of the work being done, addressing errors or necessary changes.

Other forms of outsourcing do not allow for this. Often, the contracted company manages the entire process, and close supervision may not always be possible.

Greater cost-effectiveness

In addition to maximizing productivity, another reason that influences companies to hire this service is the lower costs.

details such as quality, area of expertise, and knowledge of specific technologies within the IT field affect the pricing.

Nevertheless, considering the many advantages of this service model and the cost savings it offers, the prices end up being compensatory. This makes it an economical solution considering the level of experience of the professionals involved.

Hiring specialized service for your business

When hiring these specialized IT professionals, it is important to find companies that have the best strategies and responsible, transparent hiring conditions.

Code n'App is one of these companies that offer this service and have a competent team of professionals for the task.

In this context, our company has over 25 years of experience and is an expert in developing applications, APIs, software, and other technological solutions for businesses. We also provide the mentioned service, Talent Outsourcing.

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