My Project needs designers: How can I integrate this front with software development?

If your plan is to develop a software, it is essential to understand the importance of integrating the design with the rest of your development team. Check it out here how this integration is possible and how important the design is in the process.

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The development of projects, which involves the construction of software, demands a lot of planning and the integration of all areas involved so that the final product be really suitable.

One of these essential areas is the design. Its participation is as important as all the other areas and it will guarantee a more attractive and functional layout that will fulfill the purpose of the software created.

 Read this content in order to better understand how to integrate this front with the project, how important the design is in the development process and its major points.

Integrating the Design with the Software Development

It is essential to integrate the design with the software development, once this area is responsible for creating graphic-oriented strategies, contributing to a better usability and an attractive layout of the final product.

The integration of the design must be part of the whole project, defining professionals who will be in charge of this area from the very beginning of the planning and documentation creation stage, when it is set up the plan that will be followed throughout the whole process of development.

For you to understand it better, there are some essential steps in software development. First of all, a general analysis and a detailing of requirements are made, when your needs and requirements are defined so that they can be met.

After that a documentation is made, where the complete Project planning is carried out, detailing the steps that will be followed until the final delivery. So the methodology that will be used in the programming is chosen.

Next, according to the defined steps, we think about the software design, that will be performed based on the choice of technologies and development platforms, so that after the conclusion of the graphic part, the codification or programming of the project can finally be done.

As you can see, these professionals are to take part in the meetings where  your needs are defined, getting to know all the details regarded to the software, allowing them to understand the customer’s profile and real needs, so that they can develop the appropriate layout and learn how the features will be presented.

Essential criteria for a good design integration

In order to occur a successful integration between the design area and the software development, in addition to the participation commented above, it is important to promote a thorough communication between the areas, as well as opening for mutual help.

That is because the developers are those who will have to execute the programming of everything that was made by the design area. The relationship between the design and the development area must be collaborative and dealt with in parallel with the creations in order to avoid mistakes, doubts and delays.

It is also important to set up this open communication in the process of producing creative solutions that only team work can guarantee so that everyone may be able to contribute.

Moreover it is also essential to clearly understand the purpose of the business and the product  being developed, so that the solution created be 100% in accordance with the identified needs, guaranteeing efficiency in the designers’ work.

Yet it is important to have a well defined work standard so that the whole project execution term fulfills the initial chronogram.  Excessive meetings, e-mails, unnecessary rework and an absent-minded management must be avoided.

The role of designing in software DEVELOPMENT

The design is as important as the other areas of the Project, being essential for finding really attractive and functional solutions for the software final layout.

The design thinking is part of the process. This is a technique where analyses are made so that the designers can find creative and functional solutions, always following some stages. In order to better understand this process, read the content about this matter in our blog. 

Besides, there are two important concepts that are part of the design integration with the rest of the Project: The User’s Experience (UX) and the User’s Interface (UI)

User’s Interface (UI)

The User’s Interface (UI), in this case, is nothing but the area Where the final users Interact with the software. This includes screens, buttons, layouts for each area, menus and other elements which own specific functions inside the design, may they be simple or organized, offering practical resources, accessibility to a range of user types (including physically, visually or hearing impaired people).

This area is essential inside the design because it guarantees that people will easily and intuitively use the software without feeling lost or not able to execute the necessary actions.

User’s Experience (UX)

On the other hand, the User’s Experience (UX) is developed by the designer in order to deliver the best usability possible, which has everything to do with the software design. This area is in constant search for strategies that may deliver the best stages and interfaces for the processes developed. 

A good UX answers to the business expectations, follows the defined guidelines, understands and translates the user’s needs, simplifies and facilitates the understanding of tools and functions, as well as makes the integration easier, without long trainings on the solutions created.

Researches, analyses, sketches and prototypes are made together with the development team in order to create the best interface possible. Wireframes are used, which means a kind of sketch created manually and analyzed in order to offer the best software working flow possible, speeding up the process of the project thinking.

Rely on company with experience in this area

In order for your project to fulfill all the specifications that we have mentioned, integrating the design with the process, it is important to guarantee that the company in charge of the development have a team of professionals who are skilled to meet this demand all together.

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