Mobile: 10 steps towards obtaining success at hiring a company that will develop your app

The more complex your project is the higher the company’s experience must be. , so that it will be more skilled When it is necessary to create solutions and solve problems.

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If you are searching for digital solutions for your mobile devices, you are certainly seeking an app development company, segment whose search for grows over and over, increasing the offer of specialized services and demanding double care when it is time to hire the company that will develop your app.

In spite of what is believed by most people, these companies are responsible not only for creating the technical part of the tool. Their work starts with understanding the customers’ demand and how technology can help them.

Apps are developed with several purposes like:

  • Sales;
  • Customer service;
  • Business, financial and personnel management;
  • Internal communication;
  • Pursue customer loyalty;
  • Add value to the brand;
  • Learn about the customers’ profiles and behavior;
  • These are some of the objectives and advantages of having a company’s own app. However, in order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary planning and researching, starting with the definition of the app purposes.

Delimited what your goal will be, it is time to think about who your target audience is, age group and habits. This will build solutions that meet your demands. And only after that start the strategic planning, i.e. the development.

Together with the company, the sketches will be drawn, then the creation of wireframes and story-board, reaching the elaboration of the back end and choosing the ideal framework. The user’s interface is mounted and the model is subjected to validation tests.

The more complex your project is the higher the company’s experience must be. , so that it will be more skilled When it is necessary to create solutions and solve problems. The same principle applies to knowledge about the app development to the different operating systems of mobile devices.

There are many criteria to consider when hiring a company to develop your app. In order to help you, we have drawn up a list of 10 steps to succeed in this enterprise.

Check it out!

1. Define what the company is looking for

Before you start searching for the companies that develop apps, it is important to answer some questions such as: what is the focus of the app, native, hybrid, web, or cross-platform? What needs of your audience will be met by it?

Delimiting these and other issues will help during the negotiations. So the company will understand what you are looking for and how able you are to develop the project. The better elaborated the ideas and objectives of the app, the better it will be to find a qualified company.

2. Learn about the company’s customers

Request the company's portfolio and check the work already done. Although this action is not a guarantee of your project outcome, it will give you an overview of the solutions brought in the developed apps. To compose your research, search for feedback from the business served.

3. Compare the digital solutions offered

The procedure for hiring the company that will develop your application follows the same steps as hiring any other type of service. Avoid hiring the first one you find right away, organize a selection of the most suitable ones, compare the services and search for the best digital solution.

4. Do not trust miraculous promises

Offers such as app development within a record term, below-market prices and unlimited resources in a short time, comes accompanied by a warning sign. Be aware of magical solutions so that you will not be cheated.

5. Question

All questions must be taken before signing the contract. It is also important that it has a clause that glimpses multiple tests on the app during its development. To prevent this from occurring only before its release, right before the final version.

6. Require an administrative dashboard for the app

Depending on the project, your application will require periodic updates, such as the creation of new content. It is important to make sure that your team has the autonomy to perform these actions whenever necessary, reserving the hiring of an upgrade service only if it is necessary.

7. Have na open code

Thinking about the continuity of the project, the release of future updates and features, check with the company if the code will be opened. This will ensure that the website can be updated or reprogrammed by any professional in the field, giving you the freedom not to be held hostage to a single provider.

8. Get to know the marketing strategy for the app

With the exception of private projects, if your app aims at downloads, you will need to have a marketing team working with developers to ensure the creation and optimization of the descriptions in app stores.

The keywords that will help you better rank the app, images and videos that will guide users during the research are considered. Check with the development company for the SEO strategy.

9. Learn about the support offered

No matter how good the developed app is, problems may happen. That is why it is interesting to have a support team to fix any instabilities or bugs in the system. Confirm with the company which solution they offer about it. Some of these companies work with support services for a monthly fee and others as per demand.

10. Have a customized app

Although ready-made templates are tempting because of the low cost, reserve your investment for a customized app that have the face of your company. Ready-made templates may not meet your needs, since their layout, programming and performance are generic.

CODE N’APP has been operating in the software development market for just over a year, but has an extensive experience in the area, which is result of decades of experience of its technical teamin the IT area.

The construction of our solutions is planned to meet our customers’ demands, using the most innovative processes and technologies in the market. For this we participate in all stages of the project, offering consulting with ideas and improvements.

We understand that applications transform how your products or business are presented to the public, as well as deepen the connection between the company and its customers. Hence the importance of hiring a company that will develop your application according to the steps mentioned in the text, using the best practices and languages of the market.

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