From back-end to Front-end; get to know the path of a system development

Better understand how this path works as well as the importance of the two areas that act in a practical way for its construction: the back-end and the front-end.

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In order for one to better understand the practical process of the creation and development of a system, we have prepared this content in order to explain it.

These two areas are essential for the development of a system, being responsible for materializing all the project that was planned during the previous step.

Check up the meaning of these two areas, what They are responsible for and their importance in order to develop a functional system that will meet one’s needs.

 A system development path

When a system is developed there is a whole process of planning that must be followed, including the different professionals that will take part in the process.

For you to better understand this there are some essential steps for the development of software. Firstly, a general analyzes and a detailing of requirements is performed, when the needs and pre-requisites to achieve them is defined. 

After that a documentation is prepared, when a full Project planning is performed, detailing the steps that will be followed until the final delivery. Then we have to choose the methodology that will be used in the programming according to the level of complexity and the available time to accomplish the project.

Next, according to the steps previously defined, what the system will offer is designed and how its layout is expected to be, always having in mind the offer of the best experience possible.

This includes analyzes that involves the user’s experience, bringing up all his or her needs, once the interactive interface will be presented. Thus, it is possible to define which technologies and platforms will be used for the development of the front-end and the back-end.

Once this planning is made and the design is ready, following the company’s needs and objectives, the professionals that act on front-end and back-end are the ones who will take the ide off the paper, equipped with all the detailed information about the project.

Below you will better understand what these areas mean and the importance of each one on the path of a system development.

Front-end development

The front-end area is responsible for creating the visual part where the final user will have direct contact, which involves the construction of a system graphic interface. When the system is accessed on a screen one will be able to see the visual construction with menus, buttons, fields, different pages, etc.

The front-end also includes the logical part of how the program is performed, involving the use of languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Through the graphic creation focused on the final user, this area represents a clear, intuitive and the simplest possible solution, presenting well defined routes and commands that facilitate the use of the system. 

For this, analyzes are made in order to define the best way to build the layout, as well as more complex areas which involve data validation. There are always qualified professionals working in this process, all able to offer the best experience to the user.

The importance fo the front-end to the development

Having professionals focused on analyzing and executing the front-end, that encompasses the graphical construction of the system, is important  because it brings differentials in very relevant points which impact directly its use by the final users.

The appearance, for instance, is something that may tell a project apart from the other, and it may be a remarkable factor to influence the user about using it or not. Without a special care in this area the result may be a failure without the necessary practicality that will simplify its use.

The objective of the company, determined during the planning stage, is also followed Much more to the letter, what guarantees that the product will fulfill the exact needs of those who will use it, meeting the client according to the expectations.

 It is also to grant more security to the use of the system, both at the delivery of a product that fulfills with the rules of information safety and the construction of confidence between the company and the user.

The development of the back-end

After understanding how the visual and graphic part is thought up and produced, we also have the involvement of the back-end in the process of creating the system, what involves the programming part.

Therefore we can define back-end as the area that cares of how everything works in the system but is not seen by the user, like data base, security, servers, software structure and management structure.

In order for the design and functions conceived by the front-end work perfectly, the back-end guarantees that the system fulfill these tasks dynamically and without presenting errors.

There are different programming languages that are part of the back-end just like .Net, Python, PHP and others, each of them with its relevance as facilitators for a robust and well-structured system.

The importance of the back-end to the development

The back-end is responsible for taking care of the programming and integration with the servers of the system installed on the computer. The data basis are usually stored with them, integrating the necessary information in a dynamic way.

The security of the data is also part of the back-end, where they are protected by cryptography against unauthorized accesses and hackers, always following good practices and certain security standards.

All logical and intelligent integration behind the front-end must be done in a planned and organized way, matching a range of technologies and tools that will allow the whole system to work correctly.

This way, although the back-end is not seen by the final user, it is the most complex part of the system development path, an so it must be well designed so that the final result be what was expected, besides permitting future maintenance in a practical way.

Choosing a good development company

Even following all these stages in order for the product to solve its own problems, it is essential  to choose a development company that has expertise in this market and follows the stages in an organized way.

A company should know how to translate its need, presenting a solution that uses technologies and processes which are market trends. CODE N’ APP is a company that follows these criteria exactly in order to develop products that will meet its clients’ real needs.

Get to know our services and find a suitable solution for you! Yet, if you prefer, read our contents about technology and solutions for businesses in our Blog! 

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